I had painful erections before I did the stretches for the skin of my penis

Last updated on September 26, 2020


Before I started stretching the skin on my penis, it was really tight and uncomfortable, even to the point of having extreme pain when I got an erection, and had to use a ton of lubrication or I got really bad friction burns on my penis when I masturbated. I don’t know exactly why, but when I started to stretch what was left of my foreskin, which was apparently near none at all and so when I stretched it the first time, I got a lot of redness and cracking which has since healed. After doing the tension stretches for a few months, it has loosened it up considerably. I take my hands and pull the skin of my penis upward, to make the skin grow longer.

The pain is gone and my erections are very comfortable, and feel pleasurable like they should. I also have a bit of skin on my penis now because of the skin growth from the stretches, and I play with the skin when I masturbate. I still need to use lubrication; however, I don’t have to use as much now since the skin reduces the friction.

Basically what I am wondering is, could it be that the doctor botched my circumcision and cut off too much skin? Because I can’t think of anything else that might have caused such an occurrence. It is rather odd, I know. I just wanted to write this and maybe see if any other boys had this problem?

Thanks in advance!


It is possible for a surgeon to remove too much skin when doing a circumcision.

“The amount of tissue lost though circumcision varies depending on the method, the operator, and the penis being circumcised. Van Howe asserted that the surgeon cannot adequately judge the appropriate amount of skin to remove because the penis will change considerably as the child ages. As a consequence, some men will have a ‘loose’ circumcision (part of the foreskin still covers the glans of the flaccid penis) while others have a ‘tight’ circumcision. Besides effectively tethering the penis, Bigelow suggested that a tight circumcision causes the erect penis to use all the available skin often stretching it to the point where it is taut and almost translucent. Insufficient skin to accommodate an erection can be uncomfortable or even painful because their is no free movement of the shaft skin.” [George C. Denniston, Understanding Circumcision: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Problem, 2001, page 210].

It sounds like in stretching your skin that you caused small tears that when healed provided more surface for your shaft. If stretching did not help, there are surgeries that can loosen the skin or graft extra skin onto the penile shaft.