I have a black patch on my penis

Last updated on October 1, 2020


I have got a black patch. I never had sexual contact with anyone. I think it is spreading. It started on the left side of the tip and it is now on right. It also looks a bit ugly.


There are several possibilities. Most are harmless, but a few warrant being checked by a dermatologist, just to be sure.

  • Sometimes a fungal infection causes the skin to produce too much pigmentation. Treating the infection will often stop the hyperpigmentation.
  • Some people are disposed, because of genetics, to patches of melanin (what tints your skin) to gather in spots, sort of like a large, super dark freckle. There are prescription creams that will stop the skin from producing melanin; thus, causing the current spots to fade.

Generally, if the spots don’t itch, hurt, bleed, form blisters, become irritated, or the skin doesn’t thicken, then it is probably harmless — just doesn’t look great. Spots that are change shape, size, or color ought to be looked at by a dermatologist just to make sure they are harmless.