I have a dry patch on my glans

Last updated on October 6, 2020


I have a dry patch on my penile head. I have a history of eczema. I’m a virgin and never had oral, anal, or vaginal sex. I’m nervous I have an STD, HIV, or AIDS. Do you think I have one of these? Can they be transmitted if you are a virgin?


A sexually transmitted disease requires skin to skin contact in order to be transmitted. Some might even require the exchange of body fluids, such as HIV. Therefore, no, you shouldn’t assume you have an STD.

Eczema is a far more likely cause, especially since you have a history of it. You can get eczema on your penis shaft or glans (the head of the penis). Eczema is usually triggered by contact with something you are allergic to or a result of being irritated by rubbing against something. Thus, the first thing you should do is make sure you are not using some type of soap or deodorant that contains something you are allergic to. If it is rubbing, you may have to change the type of material used in your underwear.

Since the skin is drying out, you want to avoid things that pull the oils out of your skin. Instead of soaking long in a hot bath, consider taking showers using warm water instead of hot. Use as little soap as you can on the dry areas and rinse well. Keep the areas that are dry hydrated with lotions designed for eczema or use baby oil. Even though the dry areas itch, avoid scratching since that can cause eczema breakouts. Even when using a towel, pat yourself dry instead of rubbing yourself dry.