I have a job interview tomorrow. What should I wear? What do I bring?

Last updated on September 23, 2020


I have a job interview tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous. My questions are that how should I act in a job interview? what should I wear? What should I bring with me to a job interview? The job I applied to is at a supermarket. Should I wear a suit? What are the most common questions will they ask me in a job interview? I don’t even have a resume ready. Is it important for a job interview? If it is, then how do I make one?

Please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Congratulations! I used to work for supermarket back when I was in college.

The rule is that you look at what the other employees are wearing and wear something similar or just a bit nicer. So if everyone is wearing a polo shirt with jeans, you wear a button-down dress shirt and slacks for the interview. If everyone wears that, then add a tie for the interview. Your goal is to look like you belong in the company. You want to make it easy for the interviewer to see you as an employee. So if there are special company colors, wear something close to those colors.

You don’t need a resume if you already have an interview. The resume is a description of your past employment and skills that will hopefully interest a boss to give you a call.

The interview is for the boss to see what you are like in person. Paper descriptions don’t tell you everything. The boss is more interested at this point with your personality and perhaps a bit about your knowledge. He might ask you to do some basic math (to see if can handle the cash register). He’ll probably ask some vague questions to see how you think and where you see yourself going. One thing he is interested in is your stability and reliability, so some of those questions are going to poke at those issues.

As far as what to bring, have some identification and perhaps your birth certificate in your wallet, just in case they decide to hire you. Usually, though they will tell you they will call you back in a few days. This is so they can interview several people and pick the ones they think will be best.