I have a pain in one testicle that won’t go away

Last updated on September 13, 2020


I came across your site in concern about some problems that I have been experiencing. I stopped masturbating for 5-7 days and I’ve had aches in my inner thigh and left testicle and haven’t been sexually active with anyone. I was given a conclusion by an EMT that it could be a groin pull, but I haven’t done anything major to pull it. I was looking up other forums about the “aching” and they suggested to masturbate to see if it helps. It did somewhat, but I don’t want to have to rely on masturbating for the aching to go away. I have been taking ibuprofen daily, ice packs, resting; this all helps me but the pain comes back. When I wake up the pain isn’t there when I get up to move around it comes back. Sitting down doesn’t help. My mom thinks my anxiety makes it worse because I freak out when something is wrong. So, my grandma got me a plane ticket to go out and visit her in a few weeks to see if it gets my mind off of it. I just want this ache to go away. It’s so agonizing and I can’t finish a meal without it aching and keeping me from finishing my meal. If you have any advice, it would gladly be appreciated. I’ve been under a lot of stress and depression so it doesn’t help at all. Along with the ibuprofen I’ve been taking Prevacid, multivitamins, gas pills, and a pill to help my digestive system.


My suggestion is that you see a doctor, either a general practitioner or an urologist. Look at your scrotum and see if one side looks more swollen or red than the other side. Also check to see if there are any areas in the scrotum that are painful to touch. Finally see if there any swollen areas or places that feels like a bunch of spaghetti.

The most likely cause is a varicocele. This is when one or more of the valves in a vein in the scrotum gives out, causing blood to pool in the scrotum area and is painful because the vein is swelling. Lying down takes the pressure of gravity off so the swelling goes down and the pain disappears. One trick to try until you can get into a doctor is to wear a jock strap. This supports the scrotum and takes some of the pressure off.

Another possible cause is that you have an infection in the epididymus of your testicle.

Pain in a testicle should never be ignored. There are a number of problems that start as pain in a testicle that requires immediate treatment.


Thanks. I’m going to see a doctor in a few days. I will take your suggestions into consideration.