I have a red, dry, flaky area on my penis

Last updated on September 3, 2020



I’m 18 and had protected sex twice. I’ve had this spot on my penis for a while, even before sex, and it’s giving me a scare. On the bottom part of my shaft (underside), there are like five indentions almost like holes, but you can see skin inside them and there are hard bumps under them about the size of a bb. Sometimes white stuff comes out of the holes, but I have to squeeze it. Also, it stays red, and sometimes it gets dry and flaky. I do shave the shaft of my penis in the area that is red. It doesn’t hurt or anything like that. Should I be concerned or is it from shaving? I thought the bumps might be from blocked hair follicles and the redness might be from irritation. Any help I would greatly appreciate it.



You would have to see a dermatologist to be sure. I’m just guessing from your description and I can’t see what you see, but it does sound like you have a patch of psoriasis on your penis. If it is, the skin of the red area may feel thicker or raised (though some types of psoriasis don’t include this symptom). Shaving would irritate psoriasis, making it flare up. Since shaving also increases your risk for infections, you are better off just letting your hair grow naturally.

If you want, you can try a home remedy to see if it helps before going to see a dermatologist. Dandruff shampoo, especially the kind that contains coal tar, does help with some forms for psoriasis. You rub the shampoo into the affected area and then rinse it off.

I’m guessing the indentations are also related to the psoriasis thickening the skin. And it might also be affecting the oil glands beneath the skin which are the hard bumps you’ve noticed.

Beyond all of this, I need to remind you that you have been playing a dangerous game with sin. “Protected sex” doesn’t protect you from the fact that are sinning against God and yourself. See:


Thanks so much for your help. And just to clear things up it doesn’t sound like an STD or is infectious right?


I took you at your word that the patch was there before you committed fornication. You typically can’t get a sexually transmitted disease without having sex. Whether it is infectious is something that can’t be answered unless the problem is identified. If it is psoriasis, then it is not infectious.