I have a very small bump on my scrotum


Dear Minister,

I have found a dark spot (very small) on my scrotum a few months ago. I came to discover it again now. The spot isn’t flat but almost seems to be part of a fluid-filled bump, however, I am not too sure if the bump is actually fluid-filled. It doesn’t hurt at all and didn’t grow a single bit for the past few months. It even seems like a skin tag.

I don’t have similar spots on other body parts and my scrotum isn’t prone to radiation from the sun.

I recently moved to another country where getting good healthcare isn’t very easy. However, I can get better healthcare during the summer.

Again, the area is very small compared to the vein on the left.

Thank you so much and God bless.


If you have had sex (intercourse or oral sex) the concern will be that a single painless bump can be a symptom of syphilis. Even after the bump disappears, the disease remains in a person’s system and causes damage. So, if you had sex, you need to get this checked soon.

If you are shaving your genitals, it could be caused by an ingrown hair. I notice a black area on one side of the blister. However, ingrown hairs tend to be itchy. It is also possible to get a tiny blood blister from friction due to shaving too closely.

It doesn’t look like a skin tag. Those are opaque and stick up.

Odds are that a doctor will look at it and declare it to be benign (harmless).