I have pain in my testicle when it hangs low

Last updated on October 11, 2020


I have been having some testicular pain. Right now I have an ice pack on them and it’s a dull ache that is kind of making me nauseous. Actually, I have always had pain on and off in my left testicle since I was a little boy. Usually, the pain will start if my testicles hang extra-low from taking a bath or from exercising and it’s only my left testicle that ever hurts. I heard of a deformity called Bell Clapper testicle deformity, but I don’t have a lot of info about it. Maybe you do?

Also, the part of my left testicle — the part underneath it — it has always felt different than my right testicle. Maybe it’s all caused because my testicles hang too low? I’m not really sure but maybe you can help me out with this?

Please, if you can give me advice I’d really appreciate it!


One testicle is supposed to hang lower than the other one. Usually, it is the left one that hangs lower. The different heights keep the two testicles from banging into each other when you walk or run.

If you have Bell Clapper Deformity, it means that your testicles move too freely inside your scrotum and can easily rotate. This pinches off the blood supply to the testicle which causes pain and can cause the testicle to die. It is considered a medical emergency and you would need to go to a hospital immediately.

However, since you have had this discomfort for so long and you’ve noticed a difference under the left testicle, my guess is that you have problems with varicoceles. This condition is caused when one or more valves in the veins in your scrotum fail. Blood pools (the cause behind the different feeling) and stretches the veins, which hurts. Wearing a jockstrap or compression shorts that hold up your testicles will ease the discomfort.

Since there a possibility of torsion, you need to see a doctor immediately to make sure it is not something critical. Even if it is varicoceles, which is not an emergency, there is a way to fix the problem with surgery.


Okay. Thanks for the feedback.