I haven’t been able to ejaculate for the last two weeks!

Last updated on September 17, 2020


I have a question. I haven’t been able to ejaculate for the last two weeks! Is there something wrong with me because this is bothering me quite a bit!


That there are pauses in needing to ejaculate isn’t unusual when you are growing because your hormone levels fluctuate radically during this period. Is it because you try and nothing happens or is it because you don’t feel the need? Are you still having erections, especially first thing when you wake up? If you feel like you need to ejaculate and nothing is coming out, then there can be several reasons:

  • If you are worried or stressed, then it becomes more difficult to ejaculate. Strangely, you can get in a cycle of being worried about not being able to ejaculate, which in turn makes it difficult to ejaculate. The hard part is breaking the cycle by trying not to think about it. Of course, other worries and stresses can also interfere.
  • Some illnesses will interfere with your production of semen as your body focuses on recovering from the disease.
  • If you are taking medication, some will interfere with your ability to ejaculate. Usually, the fine print mentions something about lowering your libido (your sexual drive). A lot of medication given for psychological disorders have this unfortunate side-effect.
  • Weight gain (from fat, not muscle) will also interfere with your ability to ejaculate.


Just to make myself clear, when I say “ejaculate” my stuff is clear and after the “feeling” sometimes I see a drop of this clear stuff. Nothing ever comes out when I get aroused. Sometimes the drop of clear stuff doesn’t come out. When I feel I need to pee and that’s when it comes out at other times. The question is: Is it an ejaculation or not because when I put it on my fingers it feels sticky and pee doesn’t. I always assumed it was an ejaculation, but I can’t be sure because I heard of a thing called the Cowper’s gland.


Let’s back up a bit and define some terms. When you play with your genitals, that is called masturbation. At the height of the sexual excitement, two things happen at the same time: you experience orgasm (that “feeling”) and you ejaculate semen if your body is mature enough to produce semen. The feeling that you need to pee just before orgasm is the internal muscles tensing up in preparation for ejaculating.

A boy can experience orgasm without the ability to ejaculate. I don’t recommend it because it is seeking after pleasure solely for the sake of pleasure without it serving a purpose. Once a boy starts producing semen, ejaculating gives an outlet for the semen that builds up in the seminal vesicles.


Semen is a whitish or slightly yellow opaque fluid that is thick and sticky. A boy typically squirts out about two teaspoons of semen when he has an ejaculation. When it dries, it makes any cloth it is one stiff because it contains a high concentration of sugars.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

Males also produce a clear liquid that is called the pre-ejaculate fluid (or in slang, pre-cum). It is produced by two glands called the Cowper’s glands (named after the doctor who figured out their purpose). Pre-ejaculate is thicker than urine, has no color, feels slick when rubbed between the fingers (until it starts to dry down). When it dries, it doesn’t leave anything noticeable behind.

If I understand you correctly, what is happening is that you have not developed to the point of producing semen. You have been masturbating and your Cowper’s glands are somewhat working. When you hit orgasm, a few drops of the pre-ejaculate fluid is pushed out the end of your penis, but no actual semen. In the last few weeks, you haven’t even produced enough pre-ejaculate fluid to see it when you have an orgasm.