I haven’t grown in a year


I am 14, coming up on 15. I haven’t grown in a year. I’m stuck with really long legs and a very short torso. I am the shortest in my class and my family. I am 162 cm. When will my proportions finally be fine? My mom is 180 cm, my dad 185 cm, and my brothers 183 and 188 cm, respectively, if that matters.


It sounds like you are in stage 3 and set to begin stage 4. Please remember that this is a guess since I can’t see you, and I’m working with little information. Given your parents’ heights, I would expect that you’ll reach a minimum of 182 cm in adult height.

I have no idea why your height hasn’t changed in a year. It is common to have pauses while growing, but these rarely last more than half a year. Sickness or injury can cause a pause because it will take the energy needed to grow. Also, extreme dieting or extreme athletics can impact growth for the same reason. Usually, when these things stop, the body soon catches up. There are also some medications that can stunt growth.