I hope I’m not going to get any taller


I am 17. I keep getting 403 errors on the Tanner Stage Test but I am pretty sure I got somewhere around 4 or 5. Anyways, I started puberty around 10 or 11 and I experienced a growth spurt around 12 and 13. I had a faint mustache at 12 or 13 as well. At 14 I hit 5’11 and I was quite insecure that I was too tall. I grew about an inch at the end of the year and my height slowed down. Now I am a few millimeters off 6’1. I have decently broad shoulders and a deep voice but I have barely any facial hair and only have body hair on my arms and legs. I am still lanky and skinny and get acne breakouts. I am wondering whether I am going to stop growing in height or not. I hope so because I am so confused about what development stage I am at.


I’m sorry about the error message. Could you send me the address you typed in? Usually, 403 means you tried to reach a page that is off-limits. A more remote possibility is that I’ve been having a LOT of problems with hackers of late. My firewall might be locking you out for some reason. If you send me your IP address (you can get it by asking Google “What is my IP address?”) then I can look and see if your address accidentally got on the block list.

Growth in height stops when you reach stage 5. As you get closer to stage 5, the slower you grow in height. The entire stage 4 generally adds 1 to 3 inches to a boy’s height. Thus, much depends on how far in stage 4 you are. Your description is of a young man in stage 4 but I can’t narrow it since I don’t know enough about you and I can’t see you.