I love a girl, but she thinks I’m a creep

Last updated on October 5, 2020


There is a girl I’m one-sidedly in love with. A lot of guys from my class, who hate me, have told her lies about me and changed her very impression about me. She thinks I creep her out and that I’m a freak. She hates me to death for stuff I didn’t do or say. What hurts me is that the very same guys, whom she prefers talking to, are the same guys who talk dirty things about her and her body, whereas I have never done that, but I’ve always given her the respect she needed. It seems so unfair. These guys interfered in my personal life. My life’s crumbling apart. I love and value this girl too much.

Help me what do I do?


I agree. You do value this girl too much. She doesn’t check her sources of information. She believes people who tell her lies.

The only counter to slander is to live a life that shows the slander to be wrong. You can’t argue against it with words because your word is no more credible than theirs. The more you try to press your case, the more people will assume you are hiding something. But you can act in such a way that people see that the other boys in your class have to be lying. Jesus showed the example when he refused to reply to the false charges brought against him. But he also illustrates the problem. Many people find lies more thrilling than reality and they prefer the lies.

You’ll win out in the long run, but whether this girl realizes her mistake in time is really up to her. Meanwhile, you need to find a girl who has a better head on her shoulders.