I noticed some gel in my semen today

Last updated on October 9, 2020


I have noticed just today and only noticed it today, that when I ejaculated I had this gel, along with regular semen. I don’t know what this means, and I’m very worried and concerned.


Your semen is composed of contributions from several glands inside of you. The bulk comes from the seminal vesicles, which produces a liquid high in sugars to feed your sperm. There is also sperm that comes from your testicles. Your prostate gland also contributes chemicals to the semen. One is a chemical that wakes up your sperm to get them to start swimming. Another is a liquid that causes your semen to gel temporarily so that when you ejaculate, it comes out as a thick package.

What you are seeing is that gel compound, but your prostate gland added too much and it didn’t get well-blended in with the rest of the semen. That isn’t unusual, especially when you are younger. It can also happen if you have not ejaculated in a while. It takes the body a while to get all the various organs to work in harmony with each other. It is nothing to worry about and it causes no harm.