I realized that I tend to look at pornography when I’m bored

Last updated on October 3, 2020


Thank you for your time. I have yet to overcome pornography, but I feel more conscious of my decisions and I still struggle against this. I hope that this could open my eyes to a broader perspective. Now I have found why I get seduced into pornography so easily; it is because when I go onto the Internet I haven’t got a reason. I become bored with whatever task I must do, such as researching Hitler’s death. I become bored with this and find something that I’m interested in, like cars, and then I will see other search results, and this is how I get caught up in pornography. 


That is a good observation. You are using pornography as a distraction and entertainment. The goal then is to limit your computer usage to only when you need to use it. One thing that often helps is to only use the computer in public areas. The embarrassment of getting caught will keep you away from pornography.