I sometimes have painful erections and think I might have pearly penile papules

Last updated on October 11, 2020



I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping you might be able to help me out with.

The first is: I think I might have pearly penile papules, though from what I’ve seen from online searches, mine doesn’t look white nor are they super noticeable. They are on my glans but don’t bother me. Should I be concerned?

Secondly, I have a pretty noticeable curve in my penis. I had it slightly before puberty but it’s gotten worse now (I’m now 20) though it seems to have stagnated in curving any more. I have not been able to really distinguish whether it’s Peyronies or not. The reason I’m concerned is I do have erections that are sometimes painful, and I’m not sure what the cause might be, other than the bend in my shaft.


If the spots are on the rim of the glans in neat rows, then they are pearly penile papules, even if they are not distinctly white. These cause no harm, are common and should be ignored.

Peyronie’s Disease is when the bend in your shaft when you are erect is greater than 20 degrees. The bend can be in any direction. Along with the severe bend, there are other symptoms as well. Often there is pain when having an erection, though that pain decreases after several years. You can also feel a lump or hard spot on the inside curve of the bend — even when the penis is flaccid. The hard area is the scar tissue formed from the damage to the internal structures of the penis.

Mild bends don’t need treatment, but if the bend is significant enough to interfere with sex, then you may want to consider seeing a urologist about treatment. There is a range of options these days to remove the scar tissue.