I started to have sex with a girl. Can I be forgiven?

Last updated on September 22, 2020


Minister, I have recently looked at your web site and saw an article on sex before marriage. A while ago I started to have what could be considered sex with a girl. Will I go to Hell even though I have confessed to God it was wrong and prayed for forgiveness?


You are being vague. Are you saying that you did this once or do you mean that it is on going? Are you saying you are having oral sex, mutually masturbating each other, or involved in intercourse?

In general, all sins can be forgiven. I don’t know if you have fully become a Christian yet or not. But one step in becoming a Christian is baptism, which washes away your sins (Acts 22:16). When a person is a Christian, then sins are forgiven that are repented of (where you change your mind about what you did and change your behavior) and confessed or acknowledged to God that you did wrong (II Corinthians 7:10-11 and I John 1:9).