I think my flaccid penis looks small



My penis is small when it is flaccid (2.5 inches). I’m ok with the length (5.75 inches) when I’m erect, but when I am flaccid, it looks really small on me. I’m wondering if it can still grow when I’m at Tanner stage 4.


The male penis comes in a variety of sizes, yet they all work basically the same. Culturally, we have been sold the idea that bigger is better but that isn’t always true. It has nothing to do with how strong you are or how good you will be at having sexual intercourse with your wife.

Even with an individual male, the size of your penis can vary. For example, when you are hot, your penis will extend a bit to help with cooling off your testicles. When you are cold, it will draw in to conserve heat. It also changes size based on how aroused you are.

The average flaccid penis length is 3.6 inches but the normal range is anywhere from 2.5 to 5 inches. Interestingly, your flaccid size isn’t strongly related to your erect size. Many guys, who are on the smaller side, tend to expand more when erect while guys who are on the larger side expand less.

While a guy gains a little bit more length in his penis during stage 4, most of the growth in the penis comes in the girth (how big around it is).