I want to have sex, but I haven’t developed enough

Last updated on October 6, 2020


I’m 16 years old. I have little pubic hair, a little bit of armpit hair, no facial hair, and my penis is very little. I want to have sex, but I’m embarrassed because my friends have big penises and I don’t produce sperm when I jack off. What do I do? Am I ever going to grow?


You fall into the category of a late bloomer. I can’t be sure, but it sounds like you are in late stage 2. You can use the Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys to get a better idea of where you are in development. Even though you are behind your peers in developing, you are growing since you have some changes already. You can check with a doctor to make sure your lateness is not a sign of a problem, but most likely you are just later than most boys.

So why are you aiming to father a child at 16? After all, sex does tend to get girls pregnant. I know you don’t currently produce semen, but that will take place and it will be without warning.

The fact is that you need to wait until after marriage to have sex. See: Waiting for the Proper Time.