I’m getting pains in my lower abdomen whenever I get an erection

Last updated on October 2, 2020


I’ll be 20 in a few month’s time. Unlike my peers, I haven’t had sex all my life. I started experiencing pains streaming from my lower abdomen (like around my bladder), down to my testicles some days back. I know the pains started after a girl surprisingly went half-naked with the two of us alone in the room. Since then, the pains get severe whenever I have an erection. I’m scared I might have a problem. When I complained to my mom, she recalled that I once complained of such pains when I was younger (during my adolescence). A patent medicine vendor I complained to suspects I either have a hernia or need to have my appendix checked.

Please, I need help. Do I have a serious problem?


It doesn’t sound like your appendix. That would be a constant pain at the height of your pants on the right side. It would be so strong that you would have trouble standing up straight.

A hernia typically shows as a bump just above and to the left or right of the penis. Usually lifting something heavy makes it worse and it is also possible that having an erection would make it worse.

There is also the possibility of a varicocele, which is a flawed valve in  one of the veins in your scrotum.

I would strongly suggest seeing a medical doctor to have this checked out.