I’m in stage 4 but my testicles are in stage 3


I’m 15 years old. I took your test and it said I’m in stage 4, but the problem is my testicles are in stage 3. I don’t think that makes sense because my genitals haven’t grown in a year so is there something wrong?


The human body isn’t able to expend energy to develop everything at the same time, so it rotates, working on one area and then another. Thus, it isn’t unusual for one part of your development to be a little ahead or a little behind the rest of your body.

You should also keep in mind that measuring the testicles is a bit difficult to do accurately and a small difference in measurement can make a significant difference in the answer you get. Since it sounds like everything else about you is developing well, I would not assume that you have a problem.


Yeah, that makes sense. When I measured and used the chart I got around 9-10 ml for both, which I think is mid or late-stage 3. I just thought my testicles should’ve been in stage 4 because my penis hasn’t grown for a year and I always thought I reached my adult size.