I’m producing so much pre-ejaculate fluid that it is grossing out my girlfriend

Last updated on October 8, 2020



I wanted to ask you about a problem I have. Whenever I cuddle with my girlfriend, a transparent liquid starts to secrete out. I know it is normal, but at the first, it was only a very small amount. Now it’s secreting out very large amounts, and I am very worried. Please tell me what to do. It has become a turn off for both my girlfriend and me, so please help. This is been happening for at least two years.


There is nothing wrong with your body, it is just overreacting to sexual stimulation. When you get aroused, you release hormones that the Cowper’s glands react to and produce pre-ejaculate fluid. A doctor can prescribe a 5-α-reductase inhibitor that will stop the particular hormone from being released. But you can deal with the problem without going to the expense of using chemicals to alter your body. Simply buy the sanitary pads women use to line their panties to absorb the fluids their bodies produce. You can use the same pads in your underwear to catch the drippings from your penis. There are actually pads designed just for men which are intended for incontinence but can be used to catch pre-ejaculate drips.