I’m suffering from nightfalls

Last updated on September 14, 2020


Dear sir,

I’m 24 years old. I’m suffering from nightfall and some watery liquid gets discharged after seeing porn movies. Also, I want to stop masturbating. Is it good to stop masturbating until my marriage, or will it destroy my sexual future life?

Please reply.


Wet dreams, or night falls as they are called in your area of the world, are a normal part of being male. To say you are suffering from wet dreams is similar to say you are suffering from eating. Wet dreams are just a fact of life for most males. When they happen, you clean things up and go on about your life.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

The watery liquid is called pre-ejaculate fluid. It comes out because you are sexually aroused. Its purpose is to clear out your penis of any leftover urine and to lubricate the tube so that when you do ejaculate the semen comes out easily. Your body has no idea if you are about to have sex or not. It only knows that you are aroused and so it gets prepared.

But the real problem is that you are using pornography. Pornography presents a warped or perverted view of sex. It makes immoral actions look inviting and changes a guy’s view of women. See:

Most guys say they want to stop masturbating when they really mean they want to stop sinning with pornography. Pornography needs to stop. But you have to realize that your body needs to ejaculate. Men produce semen constantly and you cannot decide never to ejaculate until you get married (unless you are planning to get married in the next few days). Trying not to ejaculate simply means you are going to fail eventually. Instead of letting your body control you, you control your body. Either accept the fact that wet dreams are going to happen when your seminal vesicles get full or manage the quantity in your body by masturbating when they get full. However, the later means treating masturbation as a bodily function, much like using the toilet. You cannot use pornography or lustful thoughts to get yourself aroused. If you can’t achieve an ejaculation, then put it off for another day. Eventually, it will come out without much effort just because the body needs relief.