I’m tall but I don’t think I have big enough genitals to satisfy a wife

Last updated on September 28, 2020


I would like you to know that all my life I suffer. I am not handsome or attractive, and I am very tall (6 feet and 3 inches). My problem is that I don’t have a big enough penis and testicles. My penis is only 5.5 inches, and I am not happy with the size of my penis and testicles. I hate my body and myself. Why I don’t have at least an inch longer and an inch more in circumference? Why I don’t have bigger testicles? Why did God give me this body? Because of this, I suffer. Why? I know you will tell me that 5.5 inches are average. I know that, but I am tall, very tall and for my body, I need to have a bigger penis and testicles, which I don’t have. Why?

I suffer because I can’t find a girlfriend because I’m ashamed. I do not know if I can satisfy a woman. I’m afraid that she will leave me. That is why I don’t go into relationships.

I do not want any girl. I would like to have a virgin girl who loves me and I love her. Today the girls have sex with anyone at young ages like 16-18 and this is not moral. God says not to have sex before marriage. I want to find one girl to love only me, and I love only her because I believe that true and sincere love is when you love one person for your whole life — forever. A girl who wants to be a housewife and mother and who will wait for me until marriage. But I am afraid that the girl for me does not exist.

I have been lonely my whole life and I am ashamed of my body because I’m afraid I’m not man enough. Please help me, will I find my soul mate?


People have a strong tendency to judge things by relative size. Put a big thing next to an even bigger thing and it will appear to be small. Put a small thing next to an even smaller thing and it will appear to be big. The normal range for an erect male penis is 3 to 8 inches. The average is 5.2 inches [http://www.bjuinternational.com/bjui-blog/normal-review-analyzes-data-flaccid-erect-penis-lengths-men/]. Therefore, you are within the normal range, but a bit below the average. In addition, the penis size is a bit like shoe size. The size of your feet does not reflect your height — neither does the size of your penis. If you are overweight, that will make your penis shorter because there will be more fat around your groin for it to go through.

I suspect that you have been watching pornography. That industry uses camera angles to make things like breasts and penis appear bigger than life. They do this because it presents an unreal of sex, one that is focused on the flesh and on shocking the viewer.

It isn’t your body that is making it difficult for you to find a girlfriend who might one day become your wife. I guarantee that girls do not pick out guys by having them pull down their pants and underwear, especially not the good girls that you are looking to find. If you are looking for a girl who has not had sex, then you have to realize that such a girl would not have seen anyone else’s genitals. She would have nothing to compare you to and, frankly, would not care. She is only interested in her husband.

In regards to being man enough, how absolutely foolish to think that the size of your penis has anything to do with your sexual performance. How well you are able to use your penis has little to do with your penis size. From all that I’ve read, women actually prefer a smaller penis over a large one because a small penis doesn’t stretch the vagina as much. Also, a long penis tends to bump against the cervix during sex, which hurts. In addition, women get most of their sexual stimulation from the first inch or so of the vagina, so extra length doesn’t make a difference.

The problem you are having is in your attitude. It shows. You’ve decided you’ve lost before you ever began. Who wants to go out with someone who thinks he is a loser? I had a boy once knock on my door and said, “You don’t want to buy magazines from me, do you?” He lost any potential sale at the very start because he told me he doesn’t believe they are worth buying. You are essentially giving the same message out, “You don’t want to go out with me, do you?”

You are who you are. What women look for is personality. Looks might be nice, but they are secondary to a man who is fun to have around and who is reliable. When you do find a bride, let me know and we can discuss what you need to do to make your wife happy with sex. But meanwhile, quit selling yourself short over things that have no real meaning.