I’m worried because I get a thick transparent fluid when I urinate

Last updated on September 24, 2020



When I was in the 8th grade, I had a nocturnal emission for the first time. It started to occur on daily basis. Every day my salwar (trousers) got wet. When this continued, I became worried. I started to masturbate (hand practice). Now I have mostly stopped the hand practice; I only do it twice in a month.

My problem is that a thick transparent liquid comes out before and after I urinate. It dosn’t weaken my health, but some people say it’s very dangerous. I went to a hakeem (doctor) who said that there is heat in my stomach, bladder, and liver. Due to this my semen (the liquid containing sperm) is thin. He gave me some herbal medicines which can remove my heat (the herbal medicines give a cold effect in the blood). When I used these herbal medicines I felt better. I observed using this medicine, my semen dosn’t come before or after urinating, but when I stop using the medicine it starts again.

I am very worried. Please tell me a solution. Whenever I think about any girl or sex, then semen comes before and after urinating. Sometimes it comes when I get up in the morning without any sexual thinking.


A man’s body produces three liquids from the penis: urine, pre-ejaculate, and semen.

  • Urine is a yellow-tinted clear liquid.
  • Pre-ejaculate is clear. It is thin but a bit thicker than urine. It feels slick or sticky to the touch.
  • Semen is even thicker than pre-ejaculate. It is white to whitish-yellow in color. 

Semen comes out through the process of ejaculation. It requires the touching of the body, especially the genitals, to trigger ejaculation. It is semen that contains your sperm that will eventually get your future wife pregnant.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

Pre-ejaculate is a fluid that your body produces to prepare for ejaculation. It clears out your penis and lubricates the tube so that when you do ejaculate, the semen comes out easily. Two glands, called the Cowper’s glands, produce the pre-ejaculate. They do so anytime you become aroused, even if you are not going to ejaculate. Thinking about girls or sex will cause you to become aroused. The problem is that your body doesn’t know when it is needed, so when you think about girls or sex, it starts getting prepared. Some men produce a lot of pre-ejaculate and it can be enough to get your pants (trousers) wet.

Since it is an automatic response, there is nothing you can do about it. It is very normal and causes no harm. Whoever tells you it is dangerous is not telling you the truth. It can be embarrassing since others can guess what has been on your mind. Fortunately, pre-ejaculate dries quickly and doesn’t leave a stain.

I suspect the doctor told you a fib to calm your worries. I’m not certain what herbs he gave you, but I suspect they are ones that lower a man’s sex drive. In the long run, these herbs would not be good for you.

The dripping in the morning is because all men get erections while they sleep. The last one is typically still going when you wake up in the morning. Since your body is aroused, the pre-ejaculate fluid flows.


Yes, right sir. The thing which comes before and after urine is pre-ejaculate. Yes, it like a lubricant and it dries quickly and leaves no stain. But, sir, why does it come after urine? Is it harmful to me? Should I go for treatment?


Pre-ejaculate flows whenever a man is aroused. It causes no harm. You don’t get treatment for a normal bodily function.