I’m worried that my son’s other testicle will twist

Last updated on September 2, 2020



I’m was doing some research online about a question I had and I can a crossed your web site. I believe God has caused me to stumble upon it.

My son was six months old when he had surgery for his left testicle twisting in the womb. The doctor removed the left testicle and added stitches to his right testicle to prevent it from twisting.

I am in constant fear that his right testicle is going to twist even with the stitches. Please help put my mind to rest and let me know if it’s possible if his right testicle can twist. I’m losing sleep every night. I just pray constantly that God will take this fear away from me. We made it through his surgery with faith knowing that he would be good because God had him, but it just seems like this fear is consuming my life.

Thank you so much for helping me.


Testicular torsion, or a twisted testicle, happens in about 1 in 4,000 men. However, if it happens, it typically happens during adolescence when the body and genitals are rapidly growing. When older, the person knows there is a problem because of the extreme pain and can get treatment immediately.

What happened with your son is that the testicle twisted while he was in the womb. That cuts off the blood flow to the testicle and it dies. Because it happened while in the womb, there was no way to detect the problem and corrected it in the necessary few hours. The testicle was removed because dead tissue can get infected. Stitching the other testicle was a preventative measure to make sure the remaining testicle does not twist. Because of the stitches, you have no reason to worry. Testicles don’t easily twist anyway and the stitches make it so that the testicle can’t twist. Everything that needed to be done was done.

Missing a testicle will not impact your son’s development. Each testicle has more than enough capacity to produce the necessary hormones for him to develop into a man and it will generate enough sperm that he will be able to have children when he grows up and gets married. The only thing is that he is missing a backup because the backup was already used.