Is a strand of barely noticeable chin hair a sign of stage 4?

Last updated on August 6, 2022


Hi minister,

I have a strand of chin hair that isn’t very noticeable until I see it in the mirror. Is this a sign of tanner stage 4?


By itself, a single chin hair would not be a definite sign that you are in stage 4. You are progressing and it does indicate that you are starting to develop facial hair. Over the coming months, there will be more hair appearing. A set of indicators are used to determine a boy’s stage because each individual is different. Some characteristics will come early, others late, but together they give a good estimate of where you are in your development.


Signs that I have now:

  • Armpit hair for the last four years
  • Pubic hair that is curly and a strip of hair forms to my navel
  • My growth spurt started two years ago
  • Upper lip hair that is dark
  • Leg hair
  • Acne
  • My voice also changed at age 14
  • I’ve been having nocturnal emissions since shortly after I turned 13. I am assuming I started stage 4 at 13 since that is the average age. My growth rate increased a year later and I’m bigger compared to my size last year.

So from hearing all of this am I in stage 4 of puberty? Other websites say these are signs.


If you use the Tanner Stage Calculator, I am certain it will tell you that you are somewhere in stage 4. The only part you are mistaken about is your wet dreams. Ejaculations can begin anywhere between stage 2 and stage 4. Since you had a growth spurt a year after you started having wet dreams, you were in stage 2 at age 13. You were in stage 3 at age 13 to 14. You are now in stage 4 at age 15.