Is God showing me the girl I should marry?

Last updated on December 22, 2023



My parents have always been against me dating before seriously considering marrying. Even so, a couple of months ago I prayed to God that if I already knew the person I would marry then I would know who it was. Since then, there have been a series of “coincidences” concerning a certain kind of Christian girl in my class. For example, when walking in the hallways at school, I often see her passing by when I never used to. In the class we share, shortly after the prayer, there was a new seating plan, which ended up with her sitting next to me! (The seating plan was randomly assigned.) Her name often is mentioned at home (unconnected to me). Is God talking to me? Should I tell someone about it? (You’re the first one.)



God does answer the prayers of His people who are asking in accordance with His will. His will is taught to us in the Bible. In the Bible, God teaches us what traits make a good wife (and a good husband). He also warns what traits indicate someone would be a bad companion. See Does God have a say in whom we marry?

Since this involves God’s providence, I cannot tell you if God is answering your prayer or whether you are selectively seeing what you want to see. If this is the right girl for you, then you’ll find that she matches the qualities God has already explained in His book. In other words, your responsibility to evaluate someone as a potential spouse doesn’t disappear just because you think God answered your prayer with this girl.


Thank you!