Is it alright to look forward to your next ejaculation?

Last updated on October 1, 2020


Why do I always seem to look forward to my next ejaculation? Is it all right to look forward to your next ejaculation?


The body is designed with various desires and when those desires are satisfied, you experience enjoyment. Thus, it feels good to eat when you are hungry. And even when you are finished, you know you will eventually get hungry again, so you look forward to eating your next meal. Of course, this can get twisted. Some people want the pleasure so badly that they overeat, which is gluttony, instead of waiting for the next meal time.

In the same way, your body needs to release semen when the seminal vesicles get full. It feels good to ejaculate. You know you will need to eventually ejaculate again, so you look forward to the next time the opportunity comes. However, in the same way as eating, some twist this pleasure by chasing after it even when it isn’t needed at the moment. They get involved in sins, like pornography, to trigger sexual excitement and eventual ejaculation instead of waiting until the need comes naturally.