Is it good to find another girlfriend?

Last updated on October 9, 2020


I had a girlfriend a few years back. She was my first girlfriend. I loved her so much loved her, but unfortunately, she didn’t love me back. All of a sudden I caught this girl cheating on me, but I loved her still because she was the only girl I loved in this world. I tried every means to make her happy. She never once put a smile on my face, but that didn’t change my love for her.

To cut the story short, she fought with me and went away with any other guy. For about six months I didn’t enjoy my life. I was always thinking about her. I felt down whenever I am alone. I thank God that this has changed. I don’t think that much about her now, but I still believe in love. Is it good for me to have another girlfriend because I believe in love and not just in times of sex? I just want someone to stay by my side.


If I understand you correctly, you were having sex with this girl because you were convinced that you were in love with her. Even though she treated you badly, fought with you, and went with other guys, it did not matter to you. It wasn’t just the sex that was important to you, you wanted a companion — so much that you were willing to accept a bad companion.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to have another girlfriend. Many guys make mistakes at first in picking a girl to be friends with. One of the reasons we date is to find out whether our choice was a good one before we commit ourselves to that person for the rest of our lives. But this is also why you should not be having sex before you make that commitment and marry someone. There is no guarantee that your initial choice is a good choice. Using someone, or being used by someone, for sex shows a lack of respect for the other person. Sex before marriage is a selfish act.