Is it normal for height not to slow down in Tanner Stage 4?



Is it normal for height not to slow down in Tanner Stage 4? I believe I am around halfway through or almost done with Tanner 4. According to your definition, you say that Tanner 4 is primarily marked by the ‘slowing of height growth’ back to the rate when the child was pre-pubescent.  In my case, I have grown the same amount for 2-3 years now (3.8 cm) since I started puberty. I am confused, as earlier this year when I first started Tanner Stage 4 (ie first developed facial hair, etc.) my height did not slow down, but now that I am halfway through Tanner Stage 4, my height has begun to slow (it may be a plateau but I’m not growing as fast as I did a few months ago). I am also confused as I grew much more as a pre-puberty child than I have during puberty. Is this normal, or have I overestimated my stage?


I can’t answer whether you have overestimated your development state as that would require my seeing you.

There are some boys who do not experience a dramatic growth spurt. Instead, they grow at a slower rate for a longer period of time. (Dramatic growth spurts typically only last 6 to 9 months.) It sounds like you are in the slower, steadier group.