Is it normal for the glans not to be sensitive?

Last updated on September 2, 2020


Hello sir,

I was wondering if it was normal for the glans not to be sensitive. When I feel it while taking a shower but when doing other things it isn’t very sensitive at all. I’m circumcised. Could this be the reason or is it that I just haven’t matured yet?

Thank you.


The glans on a circumcised boy is less sensitive to touch than the glans on an uncircumcised boy. It is simply because the exposed glans gets used to being touched, such as against underwear.

If you haven’t developed much yet, such as not being able to ejaculate yet, then yes, the development of the glans takes place later and its peak sensitivity is when you are having an erection. An immature glans is not very sensitive.


To add to my previous question I would also, please, like to know, if you can know, when you are able to ejaculate (I haven’t yet) and if there was any sort of way to know because I have the desire to, but I just haven’t and my scrotum seems to be slightly filling. Is this sperm or just swelling?

Lastly, are you going to write a modernized version of the book that you have on your site, or is this basically all of the info on this subject?

Thank you so much.


Your scrotum is swelling as your testicles get bigger. It has nothing to do with the amount of sperm you produce (a half-billion sperm cells will fit in the space of a head of a pin).

Guys will begin ejaculating somewhere between stage 2 and stage 4 of development. What always comes first are erections, which begin in stage 2.

While you look at it as one thing, ejaculation is the result of a number of systems in your body coordinating their efforts. Each has to reach a certain level of maturity before it will work as a whole. When it is ready, you won’t miss it. But exactly when it will be ready is not easily predictable. I know it is hard for young men to be patient, but that is what is required at this time.

I do have plans to add to Growing Up in the Lord, beyond answering the many questions I get each week. I want to add sections on pornography and sexting. If there are topics you would like to see addressed, I’m willing to consider them.