Is it normal to go through stage 3 so fast?



I’m 16, 5’10”, and around Tanner stage 3.4 according to the test. I have grown about 3 inches in the last 6 months. Also, I started tanner stage 3 in January according to my family doctor.

Would it be realistic to expect a height over 6’2″?

Is it normal to go through tanner stage 3 so fast?


The calculator gives an estimate that I aim to be within plus or minus 0.3 of your actual progress. It sounds as if you are in the midst of stage 3 and that is what the calculator indicates. Stage 3 typically lasts two years for boys, but it can vary. For your final height, check the Predicting Your Adult Height page. There are several calculators that use different ways to estimate your final adult height.