Is it possible for me to be 6’0?

Last updated on April 3, 2023


Is it possible for me to be 6’0? I took the test. I got stage 3.3 on the test. I’m 15 years old, 54 kg, and 5’6.

Here is my height through the years.
11: 4’6
12: 4’7
13: 5’0
14: 5’4
15: 5’6

My mother is 5’0 and my father is 5’2. I seemed to have inherited more of my mother’s physical appearance. My maternal grandfather is 5’4 and my grandmother 5’1. My maternal great-grandfather on my grandfather’s side is 6 feet. I have cousins as well that are 6 footers (we are blood-related). I eat healthily, play sports, and stretch day and night.

I took the KGH method test on the website and it says there that my minimum estimated height is 67 inches, my actual estimated height is 69, and my maximum adult height is 71. I also took the prediction of adult height during adolescence test and I got 73 inches as my adult height.


There is a difference between potential and what you might actually gain. The “actual estimate” is what is most likely to happen. The maximum and minimum numbers are possible, but less likely to happen.

While you have taller relatives, the only people you inherit genetics from are your parents. So it is their heights that determine your potential range of heights. You are already much taller than both of them.

What bothers me is that you grew 5 inches when you were 12 and 4 inches when you were 13. This is typically what happens during a growth spurt during stage 3, which means you would be in stage 4 currently. That would be on the early side for stage 3, but well within the normal range. This conflicts with your current estimate of 3.3 and since I can’t see you, I don’t know why the information doesn’t match.

I did the KGH method with your numbers and got an estimate of 5’6 with a range of 5’4 to 5’8. The numbers you got were with your Tanner stage, which I suspect are off.

It seems to me that you are most likely to be somewhere around 5’7 by the time you finish growing.


Thank you so much!

Is there any way I could still grow taller? I am still in Tanner stage 3. I answered the test accurately. Even though I’m 5’6, I’m still a bit underdeveloped compared to kids my age. My shoulders are narrow, my legs look longer than my upper body, and my pubic hair is still in stage 3. I also took the BMC test on the sitting height calculator and I got 1888g. I think my bones are still growing. I really wanted to grow 5’11 to 6’0 since I want to play professional basketball one day and height is a huge advantage.

Is there a specific diet I could take? Some exercises or supplements to support healthy growth?


A good, healthy diet and plenty of exercises that keep you healthy will help you gain the maximum that your genes allow, but you won’t be able to exceed the limit that was determined at the time you were conceived. Some things are simply out of our control.

If you are interested in basketball, then learn to be the best player you can be, regardless of your height. Sure, taller players have some advantages, but they don’t have all the advantages. With hard work, you can outperform those who are taller. Use what the Lord has given you to your advantage and never think that if you only had something else you could be better. After all, David was just a boy when he defeated Goliath. Size can be an advantage, but other advantages can be used.