Is it possible to get rid of sexual attraction?

Last updated on September 25, 2020


Hello good sir,

I have a very quick question on sexual attractions: Is it possible for someone to get rid of their sexual attraction? What I’m trying to say is some men are sexually attracted to a woman breasts, bottom, legs, feet, etc.; so is it possible for one to get rid of his sexual attraction? I hope I made some sort of sense. Thank you for any response and if more detail is needed please ask and I will reply.

God bless.


If you mean is it possible for a guy not to have a desire for sex and find his body responding to different situations, the short answer is “No.” I know a number of overweight people would love for their desire to eat to go away, but we need our appetites to remind us to eat. Our sexual desire serves a purpose as well, even though before you get married it can be annoying at times.

Because of the good feelings that are involved, it is very easy for young men to focus on whatever triggered those good feelings in the past. Sometimes what is focused on isn’t appropriate and we have to retrain ourselves to desire the things that are good. Often a young man has to realize that it isn’t external features that are important, but the character of the woman you want beside you as a lifelong companion.