Is it true that fat can turn into muscles?

Last updated on September 18, 2020



I wanted to ask if it is true that fat can turn into muscles?

Why does it seem that my left chest facing the mirror is bigger than the right? Every part of my body is uneven; why’s that? Will the other half catch up to this half?

I started growing facial hair at the beginning of stage 4. It says that hair will spread across my face as this stage continues. Now that I’m in the second half of stage 4, when will some hair start to fill in? I see tiny hairs on my face as I look close in the mirror, but they’re not noticeable. By the way, I just shaved off some white hairs on my upper lip. Will they grow back darker and longer?

My nipples are soft and don’t stick out. When will they stick out and become hard?

I’m sore all around my chest, upper triceps and biceps since Monday. When will they recover?

I’m so sorry with all these question I have stored in my mind. I’m just so curious about my growth.

Thank you.


No, it is not true that fat turns into muscle. They two different types of cells. When you build a lot of muscle, that consumes a good deal of energy which the fat cells will supply and then shrink.

No one is perfectly symmetrical and during growth, you do not necessarily grow symmetrically either. If one side gets ahead of the other, eventually the other side will catch up.

Facial typically grows in this order: upper lip, chin, sideburns, jawline, and then cheeks. The light, almost microscopic hair is called vellus hair. You have vellus hair over your whole body, except for the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. In males, some of the vellus hairs change into terminal hair (the type of hair on the top of your head). Hair doesn’t change overnight and it takes a while for hair to grow. You won’t have full facial hair until a year or two after you reach stage 5. When vellus hair starts to change, it first grows long, then thicker, and then starts to get tinted. Shaving doesn’t change this, but by getting rid of the earlier, lighter growth, what comes in is more noticeably darker. Trimming off the longer earlier hairs gives the shorter later hairs a chance to catch up, so it appears more even.

Not everyone’s nipples stick out, but most men’s nipples do get hard and stick out when they are sexually aroused.

I assume you worked out hard last weekend. Sore muscles mean either you overworked them or you did not properly stretch them out after your workout. Using your muscles produces lactic acid, which during a hard work out is difficult for the body to remove speedily. Stretching after a workout keeps the blood flowing in the muscles and speeds up recovery and the removal of the lactic acid. Even if you missed doing your stretches, you can do a mild workout to get your muscles warm and then stretch them out. It won’t totally get rid of the soreness, but it will decrease it.