Is it unbiblical to shave my pubic hair for comfort reasons?

Last updated on August 15, 2020


Hi, I am a 15-year-old male and I was wondering if it is unbiblical to shave my pubic hair for comfort reasons, not for sexual reasons? This is kind of awkward, but I find it uncomfortable because it’s itchy ( I do wash) and it just feels like a lot down there. It’s just more comfortable without it there. It’s kind of hard to explain. But I want to know that by shaving I’m not sinning against God.


Have you ever shaved the hair off the top of your head? If you have, you know that when the new hairs begin to appear several days later, it itches like crazy. Older men know this when they let their facial hair grow into a beard. There are several days when the new hair growth itches.

You have gotten yourself into cycle by shaving your pubic hair. Yes, the new hair growth itches when the pubic hairs first begin to grow. Fortunately they don’t all grow at the same time, so it spreads the discomfort out a bit. But since you chose to cut the hairs off, when they start to grow back in the itching comes all at once and it drives you crazy, so you shave it down again.

It is not a sin to cut your pubic hair, but it is not very practical. One, the hairs do have a function in helping to provide a small amount a warmth to your scrotum. They also help to hold your clothing a bit away from your genitals so that you have better air circulation around them, which is important when you need cooling. But more, each time your shave, you make small nicks in your skin, whether you intend to do so or not. These nicks can make it easier for diseases or fungus to take up residence in your skin. Since the skin on your genitals is very thin, it can be a risk that isn’t worth taking.

I would suggest going ahead and letting the hairs grow out. Just be prepared for a week of miserable itching, but know that it will pass shortly. You may want to consider wearing broadcloth boxers instead of underwear made from knit material. The new hairs have a tendency of getting caught in the weave of knits. But in the end, the choice is really yours.