Is it wrong to watch shows where people wear very little clothing?

Last updated on March 10, 2022


I have a question about TV shows. I know we are not supposed to really watch shows with people with skimpy clothing. However, I’ve watched this show called Survivor and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the show other than the fact that the players tend to wear less or skimpy clothing due to their being on a hot, deserted island. The main idea of the show is to have these people compete in challenges, win immunity, and be saved from being eliminated. The goal is to win the game and the prize that goes with it. Should I not watch the show? What are your thoughts?

Thank you.


There was an old joke about a magazine that featured nude photos of women. Men would claim, “I don’t get the magazine for the pictures. I read it for the articles.” … Yeah … right.

There is a reason the shows are set in warm climates. Producers know that sex sells so anything that shows more flesh than normal is going to increase the shows’ appeal. People also have a tendency to think that less clothing means a more primitive situation. If you find watching the show stirring your arousal, you need to stop and ask yourself why.

But there is more than just a modesty issue. Consider what this show (or any show) teaches. Another thing that attracts viewership is shock. Is profanity being used? It can be shocking to hear at first, but over time you start thinking it is normal. How do people treat each other? Is it promoting kindness or ruthlessness? While these sorts of things are more subtle, you have to be on guard against the shows’ influence on your behavior.