Is my penis normal?

Last updated on March 4, 2023



I am 20 years old and have a couple of questions.

I have some noticeable hair on my upper lip and some sparse black hair on my chin. I don’t have a happy trail, but I have a fair amount of pubic hair that is black and curly; however, it is not spread to my thighs or my stomach. I have grown an inch in height in the last year (6’4’’).

My erect penis has been around 4.5 inches for the last two years. Is it likely that it has stopped growing? Also, my penis, when erect, points at a very upward angle, not directly straight out. Is that normal or will it go away?



It sounds like you are in the early part of stage 4 of development, which means you were a late bloomer.

The length of an erect male penis can vary greatly, just as shoe sizes vary. Any size between 3 and 8 inches is considered normal. The average is 5.25 inches, so you are a little bit shorter than average, but not by much.

Guys gain the greatest length during stage 3 of development, though there can be some additional added length during stage 4. During stage 4 the body tends to focus on increasing the girth of the penis.

The angle of an erection is caused by a ligament in the groin that encircles the penis. Generally, that ligament is short when you are young but eventually stretches out.


Thanks for your response. 

When, usually, does the ligament stretch out so the penis is not angled upward?


It happens gradually over time, but it happens more quickly when you get married and start having sex.