Is there a medicine to make my penis grow?

Last updated on September 15, 2020



I am 24 years, and I have a 4.9 inch penis. When I was 20 I took some medicine to raise my level of testosterone because I didn’t have facial or body hair. Now I am good with facial and body hair, but I want to grow up and have my penis grow. Is there any method to do that?


At the age of 24, you have gone past the time of being able to grow. There are growth plates on your bones and they close off at the end of adolescence. That typically happens in the late teens for most males. Once closed, they cannot be reopened. The size of your body and the size of your penis will remain the same for the rest of your life. Since the normal range for a male penis is between 3 and 8 inches when erect, you are perfectly normal.

The testosterone made sure you had the secondary characteristics of a male. But it can’t restart what has already ended.