Is this dripping because I masturbated too much?

Last updated on October 11, 2020


Several years back, I masturbated around five times or more in a week. I learned from various advertisements in newspapers, friends, or the Internet that this dripping is due to the over-masturbation. Now I have reduced it to around twice a month. Is this dripping because I masturbated too much? Is there any defect in my body due to masturbating too much?


While you can find a lot of people expressing their opinion, not all opinions are credible. They are not all reliable. Advertisements are people wanting to sell products and may not always be honest. Friends usually know as little as you do since they had the same experiences as you. The Internet has no restrictions on who may write or post, so there is nothing to say whether something posted is correct or not.

There is no scientific study that states that masturbation causes harm. I do know of one study that indicates that frequent ejaculations (at least twice a week) seem to reduce the odds of getting prostate cancer when you are old, but that is about it.

Pre-Ejaculate or precum

The simple fact is that most guys go through a period in adolescence when they ejaculate frequently until their bodies are able to regulate the speed in which they produce semen. The dripping comes from two other glands — the Cowper’s glands. These glands produce a clear pre-ejaculate fluid whenever a guy is sexually aroused. Since the Cowper’s glands have no storage, the fluid drips out of the penis. Since it is an automatic response, there is no control over it.


Oh! That’s such great feedback, the best I have ever gotten regarding this.

Thanks a lot, Jeffrey. You are doing a great job of talking people out of rumors.