It hurts between my anus and my scrotum when I have an erection

Last updated on September 27, 2020


Penis issues: First it was the skin on it being too tight from having too much removed from having a botched circumcision when I was an infant. I fixed that by stretching the skin out, but now I seem to have pain underneath my testicles near my anus when I am erect. I am honestly thinking of going to a urologist because this is starting to really annoy me, and it really hurts. When I stretch on the place where it hurts, for some reason it helps. What should I do? I am confused and frustrated right now.  Is my penis still growing? Or is it something else I should get checked out?


I agree that seeing a urologist would be the next step. Your symptoms are not something I’ve run into before and I haven’t found much researching it either. I’m inclined to guess that there is a transfer of pain taking place. In other words, while you are erect, a nerve somewhere (perhaps in your back) is getting pinched which makes it feel painful in the area between your scrotum and anus.