I’ve had blood in my semen for the last two days

Last updated on September 26, 2020


I’m 14 and I admit I masturbate 1 or 2 times a day. Starting two days ago I noticed there was blood when I ejaculated. The first time badly scared me and got me sweating. The second time was more like a brownish color, and today it was pretty bloody. I am very worried but I don’t feel anything bad when I ejaculate, just a little stinging at the tip but it’s normal for me. (I hope it’s normal). When I pee there is no blood or pain. Just like other boys, I am so nervous and scared to tell my parents but not really to my doctor. I heard from my mom that I was having a check-up in a month or two, and I really want to know why, and if I can stall a bit more and try not to masturbate or if you could tell me something to say to my parents that’s not embarrassing. Hopefully, I don’t but if I have to see a doctor, then I can tell her in private or have some way of telling her without my parents knowing? Please help. I can’t stop thinking about it.


I’m going to assume that you haven’t had sex with someone else, so we can eliminate those possible causes.

The most probable cause is an infection of some sort that is in one of your organs that are involved in ejaculation: such as the seminal vesicles, the prostate, the urethra, the vas deferens, the epididymis, etc. Even though you haven’t seen blood in your urine, it is still possibly there. Remember that more fluid goes through the urethra when you urinate, so any signs of blood would get watered down.

A second possible cause is a trauma; that is, getting bumped in the groin area. Usually, the signs of blood don’t show up for several days or even weeks after the blow. It is possible that you injured yourself while masturbating, but I would assume you would remember that.

On the very rare side, blood can be a symptom of a tumor or some other obstruction in one of your organs or ducts. I know, I mentioned it and you immediately assume the worse. I very much doubt this is the cause, but since the possibility is there, I believe you should be aware of it.

Most of the time the blood disappears on its own. When there are no other symptoms, then we shrug and say we don’t know the cause, but whatever it was is now healed. If it continues or keeps repeating, then it becomes more important to get it checked out. There is no need to avoid masturbation, it won’t make it heal faster.

The general rules are that you need to see a doctor if the blood continues for three or more weeks. You also need to see a doctor if you have any other symptoms, such as pain when ejaculating or urinating, fever, difficulty urinating, or you notice blood in your urine.

If you need to see a doctor, the best way is to tell your dad since he would understand better. “Dad, I’ve been seeing blood in my semen for the last several weeks and it isn’t going away. I think I need to see a doctor about it.” You don’t have to get into details about how you produced your semen or how often. The point is that it is there and it shouldn’t be there.

You basically make the same type of statement to the nurse and the doctor when you do go in to have it checked. Most likely the doctor will ask for a urine sample to check for blood or any other signs of an infection. If you want privacy when you see the doctor, just tell your mother that, nothing against her, but this is embarrassing enough and that you want to see the doctor in private. She won’t like it, but I think you will find that she will understand. You can always ask your dad to go with you.


OK. Thanks a lot. When you said it mostly goes away it calmed me down a lot.

The only way I thought I could have gotten it is that either like you said masturbating too hard which I don’t do or infections which I’m a bit scared to know how I got it and how to fix it which will involve my parents knowing. I read that sometimes it relates to not cleaning your rear enough when using the toilet which I’ll admit I do get a bit lazy when wiping sometimes and it gets a bit itchy. Is that true and a possibility?

But either way, I guess I have to wait. I mean it’s just freaky to see red in my semen, especially when it’s really red which I hope it doesn’t change my condition. I wonder if (I hope not) my dad only finds out, how he will think of me in the future. But I may have asked more questions, hopefully, you can answer them, but you’ve been a lifesaver to me and I thank you.

Hopefully I can keep you somewhat updated but not frequently like a personal doctor or something.


Improperly cleaning yourself after a bowel movement typically more of a problem for females than for males simply because of the differences in how the genitals are laid out. You are correct that the waste products are acidic, so it is uncomfortable or downright painful if you don’t clean yourself properly.

What is a more likely source is if you are uncircumcised and you haven’t been properly cleaning under your foreskin when you bathe. It is possible to yeast, which is everywhere, underneath the foreskin, and since yeast thrives in a warm, moist environment have it spread and get into your urethra. The simple prevention is to make sure you clean under your foreskin each time you bathe and rinse the area thoroughly.