My math teacher seems to be trying to make everyone fail

Last updated on October 6, 2020


Mr Hamilton,


I have an issue and I need advice about what to do. I loved math, I used to do so amazing in math class in grades six and seven. Now I’m in grade ten and we were writing a test about parabolas. In class, I’m good at solving the equations and then graphing it. In class, you could have given me these parabola equations and I would have mastered them all! Even though the teacher doesn’t even teach well, he seems like a sadistic person and a person who doesn’t care. I feel he wants to see everyone in my class suffer.

Today, we had a test. The questions were different from what we were doing in class and a lot more time-consuming. Plus they took a lot more space to solve. That’s not a problem, but the thing is, today we had less time than usual because school started later. That isn’t my complaint. The problem is that I realized this test is totally different from what I learned. All the equations are different from what we did in class. I had a hard time doing it, and yet in class, I would masterfully complete it. I got half of the question correct, but the other half I didn’t have enough space to graph the answers, so I went to him for help, he gave me another sheet and said to graph it there, but even with the other sheet, I didn’t have an adequate amount of space to graph my lines. I went to him again, and I asked did I do anything wrong. He said, “you tell me.” He didn’t even bother to look at my sheet properly! It’s like he wants to see everyone suffer, like a sadistic person.

I am so furious that first of all, he didn’t care about my paper, and that he didn’t even try to help me. I also don’t like the fact that he teaches something and gives tests on something different. I told my parents. They told me not to worry and go to the principal. But I feel this teacher is going to deny everything. I had problems with the entire test. I felt like he chose to give it on a short day and gave us different stuff, so he can see everyone suffer.

It’s not fair because even at the beginning of this semester I am barely passing math and I feel that my grade will drop even further. Yet last semester, at the beginning of the year, I had an A. I know it’s not really me because last year I had straight A’s. What should I do? I want to change my class. and I will see to it, but what if they can’t change my class, what do I do? I’m very angry at myself and him. It’s not fair to me or anyone. I just feel like bursting into tears. I’m in grade ten and I’m 15. I feel everybody in my class doesn’t even care if they fail, so I know they won’t help me if we all can ask the teacher to give us a more fair test.

I understand this is not really about growing up or the body, but I just need help.

Thank you.


It is not a problem. I’m willing to address all sorts of questions, although last week I did ignore the guy who asked me how to reset his password.

If you are having this much problem, then I’m pretty sure the entire class is equally having problems. Make an appointment with the principle and bring with you evidence. Bring your last semester grade and perhaps some of your work. Bring a sample of this semester’s work that has been graded. Bring your book and the test. Highlight the things that are on the test that were not yet covered by the book or in class. Try hard not to get emotional, but tell the principle that there seems to be a problem and you are pretty sure it isn’t you. Ask if he could review the teacher’s grade book and see if the teacher is making the class overly difficult. Politely ask the principle if you may change to another teacher and see if your grades return to normal.

Companies can get bad employees, including schools. Usually, it takes someone to alert the upper management that a problem exists so they can investigate what is happening.

Let me know how it goes.