My right testicle has swollen to be much bigger than the left testicle

Last updated on September 20, 2020



I got into an accident six years ago that affected my right testicle. It soon grew to double the size of the left testicle. I got hurt again two years go with a ball and now it is three times bigger than the left testicle. Since this, it has continued to swell to four times bigger than the left testicle. The right veins are also swollen and it is very lightly painful. What’s the problem? Is there any small surgery to remove the extra fats layer on my right testicle? Please tell me if there are any exercises to restore the size of the affected testis and veins.



I suspect that you have either a varicocele or a hydrocele. The hydrocele would be more likely since you injured that testicle.

A hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum and it is due to one or more damaged values. Sometimes hydroceles go away on their own, but yours is not. This will take surgery to repair the damage.

A varicocele is when valves in the veins fail and blood backs up in the scrotum. This condition is usually painful, so I don’t think this is what you have. However, it too requires surgery to be repaired. In the case of a varicocele, since the blood keeps the testicle too warm, it can cause damage to the testicle. Therefore, repairs to the problem should not be put off.


First of all thank you very much sir for this information. I’m feeling well now because I was worried before. I will go for surgery definitely, but is it safe? Can it damage my reproductive system? May I do it after two years or should I do it now?


The surgery should be done soon, especially if it turns out to be a varicocele. The longer a varicocele is left, the greater the potential for damage to the testicles. The surgery is not a major one and it will improve your reproductive system, not damage it. I do not recommend waiting two years.