My semen was yellow the last time I ejaculated


I just ejaculated and I realized that my semen was yellow. Is this normal? What can I do to make my semen white? I hadn’t just urinated or needed to urinate at all. My semen wasn’t white. It was translucent with a yellow tint.

Please help.


Your semen is actually a mixture of fluids produced by several different glands. The yellow color in semen comes from chemicals produced by the prostate gland. Semen is not always the same color, especially when you are younger and your body is learning how to properly mix the ingredients to make semen. Sometimes your prostate releases more of its chemicals, especially if it has been a while since you last ejaculated and that makes your semen more yellow than usual. All of it is normal. Your body will adjust the fluids and the semen will become more whitish in a few ejaculations.

If you have other symptoms, beyond a yellow color to your semen, then there are possibilities that would need to be considered by a doctor. For example, pain or difficulty when peeing, chills, or feeling that you need to pee all the time can indicate an infection in your urinary tract that is affecting your prostate gland. It would be the combination of symptoms that would make it important to talk to your doctor about it.