My son shows more skin than I’m comfortable seeing

Last updated on October 2, 2020



I wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I’ve noticed in the last couple of years my son has started to unbutton his shirts, like his polo’s and button-up dress shirts. He has the top two and sometimes the top three buttons were undone where it shows some of his chest. I am a very modest male. I feel like he should wear an undershirt or button all the buttons. What should I do?

Also, I am very shy about being naked in front of anyone. My son, however, is very comfortable with being naked in front of me and other males. When I come in the bathroom and he is naked, he never covers up and sometimes he gets an erection. I feel like I need to make him cover-up. What should I do?

One more thing. My son is 21 years old. He doesn’t have basically any facial hair growth. I do not think that’s normal for a male his age. Are there any treatments he should do to grow facial hair? I know it embarrasses him that he doesn’t have facial hair. He gets picked on by the other guys. What can I do?


If by the age of 21 you haven’t taught your son the basics of modesty, it is a bit late to start. He has to see the need for modesty himself. Still, you also have to show respect for him as well. If he is in the bathroom, then you don’t enter and give him the privacy he should have had since he was young.

Most males don’t develop full facial hair until their early to mid-twenties. In addition, there are some males who are late bloomers and don’t finish developing until their early twenties. Thus, I can’t say there is anything wrong with him.