My upper body is thin compared to my lower body

Last updated on September 12, 2020


Before I begin, I would just like to thank you for your willingness to answer so many questions! I really appreciate it. With that, I’ll move on to my questions. 🙂

I recently calculated my Tanner Stage development and found that I am currently in Stage 4.7. But, as far as I can tell, even though I’m nearing Stage 5, I haven’t seen any manifestations of full adulthood. My shoulders haven’t really broadened, my lower body and buttocks are still quite large compared to my thin upper body, I haven’t developed any breast muscle, and I still have pretty scraggly facial hair (couldn’t grow a beard if I tried). I’m turning seventeen soon, and I’m concerned that something’s wrong.

Just to give you more information, I currently weigh 163 lbs. and am about 5 feet, 8 inches. I haven’t grown at all in the past year (maybe 1/2 or 1/4 inch, but nothing more), and while I don’t expect to get much taller, I wonder if my upper body will ever grow to match my lower body. :-/

Okay. So, maybe I’m not being as specific as I need to. I’ve got a lot on my mind; I probably sound like I’m rambling a lot. My particular questions in regard to the information I gave are these: Will my upper body grow to match my disproportionate lower body? Is it normal to have a disproportionate lower body during puberty? Is 163 pounds a little on the heavy side for someone my age and height?

That brings me into another thing that’s been heavy on my heart lately: Do I weigh too much? Should I eat more to grow my upper body or eat less to shrink my lower body?

Sorry that everything is kind of all over the place. Once again, thank you for listening to me and responding to me.


The scraggly beard is normal. The majority of men cannot grow a full beard until after they have been in stage 5 for several years. Usually, by your mid-twenties you’ll have enough facial hair to grow a decent beard.

Your height and weight put you on the top edge of “normal.” So you are not overweight, but you aren’t skinny either. If you would like to lower your weight a bit, I would suggest cutting out the junk food and making sure you eat a good variety of healthy foods. Eat to the point that you are satisfied or not hungry. Eating to the point you feel full is overeating.

Having the ability to grow muscles doesn’t mean you will. You still have to exercise your upper body to cause it to build muscle. Do push-ups and chin-ups. If you have a punching bag, use it. Lift weights. Give your body a reason to increase your muscles on top.

I can’t comment on “disproportionate” since I can’t see what you see and you gave me no figures to work with. Since you are still in stage 4, that means your shoulders are still widening and they will continue to widen even after you get to stage 5. Stage 5 just means you’ve stopped growing vertically.