One of my testicles is half the size of the other

Last updated on September 25, 2020


Hello Sir,

Yesterday I noticed that my right testicle was about half the size of my left testicle. I need help. What should I do?

Thank You and God bless you.


It is not unusual for the two testicles to be slightly different sizes, especially during development. To have one half the volume of the other is extreme, however. I would suggest that you start with your regular family doctor, who might then steer you to a specialist.

Most likely you had an undescended testicle when you were born; had a disease, such as mumps; or had some other damage to one of the testicles. While it is disturbing, there is a reason God gave men two testicles. One testicle can produce all the hormones you need to properly develop as a male and it can supply sufficient sperm to get your wife pregnant.

Have it checked out soon, but don’t consider it a matter to panic over.