One testicle swelled up to twice its normal size

Last updated on September 24, 2020



I am 22 years old. Three months ago I had equal-sized testes. This summer my right testicle swelled to two times larger than the normal. I got some medicine from a general practitioner. The swelling was reduced but my right testicle became smaller. I am worried about it.

Sir, please tell me, is it due to any disease or any other factor involved? How can I cure it? Will it be harmful to me in the future? How can I attain the original size of my right testicle?


The most likely answer is that you suffered from a disease, like mumps, which in turn damaged the testicle. I would suggest seeing a urologist, who specializes in the reproductive organs. You might talk to him about getting a fertility test to see if you will be able to have children. Most likely, even if one testicle is damaged, the other testicle has enough capacity to keep you healthy and to allow you to have children.