Should I be concerned about the moles on my penis?

Last updated on March 30, 2023


Hi minister,

I’m concerned about a few moles I have on my penis. Moles 1 and 2 are on the shaft of my penis, on the ventral side. I have had them for a while, for at least 3 years or so. Mole 3 is on the inner skin of my penis, on the left side. It started developing almost 2 years ago as a little dot, but over time it grew a little. It has not changed in about a year. Mole 4 I have had since birth. It is on the lower shaft of my penis, on the left side. I also have 1 tiny mole on the tip of my penis. It is tiny — smaller than all of the other ones. It is brown and circular, but not a perfect circle.

Thanks, I appreciate all of your help.


Moles are patches of your skin that produce more melanin (pigment) that the rest of your skin. They can be flat or raised. They are not itchy or contagious. Some can have hair while others don’t. People tend to develop moles during their teenage to mid-adulthood years.

There are certain symptoms that indicate you should get what appears to be a mole checked out:

  • If the patch is not symmetrical
  • If the borders of the patch are fuzzy (not sharply defined) or have ragged edges
  • If the patch has multiple colors
  • If the patch is bigger than a pencil eraser
  • If the patch is changing
  • If it is itchy or bleeds, especially if takes days for the bleeding to stop.

Since these spots are relatively new, for your peace of mind, have a doctor check them. Dermatologists specialize in identifying skin problems, but you can ask your regular doctor first and if he thinks some should be checked, he can refer you to a dermatologist.


Thanks. I will be sure to have them checked during my next doctor’s appointment.